Football Competitions

AFC CUP: 1/4 finalAFC CUP: 1/8 finalAFC Cup: FinalAFC CUP: Group BAFC CUP: Group CAFC CUP: Group DAFC CUP: Group EAFC CUP: Group FAFC CUP: Group GAFC CUP: Group HAFC CUP: Group StageAFC Cup: PlayoffsAFC CUP: Preliminary RoundsAFC Cup: SemifinalsAFRICA NATIONS CUP: 1/8 finalAFRICA NATIONS CUP: 3rd PlaceAFRICA NATIONS CUP: FinalAFRICA NATIONS CUP: Group AAFRICA NATIONS CUP: Group BAFRICA NATIONS CUP: Group CAFRICA NATIONS CUP: Group DAFRICA NATIONS CUP: Group EAFRICA NATIONS CUP: Group FAFRICA NATIONS CUP: Preliminary roundAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group AAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group BAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group CAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group DAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group EAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group FAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group GAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group HAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group IAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group JAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group KAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group LAFRICA NATIONS CUP: qualifying round, Group MAFRICA NATIONS CUP: QuarterfinalAFRICA NATIONS CUP: SemifinalAFRICA: Africa Cup of Nations U-20, Group StageAFRICA: Africa Cup of Nations U-20, PlayoffsAFRICA: Africa Cup of Nations U-23, Qualifying RoundsAFRICA: All Africa Games, Group StageAFRICA: All Africa Games, PlayoffsAFRICA: CAF Confederation Cup - Play OffsAFRICA: CAF Confederation Cup - QualificationAFRICA: CAF SupercupAFRICA: CECAFA Club Cup, Group StageAFRICA: CECAFA Club Cup, PlayoffsAFRICA: CECAFA Cup, Group StageAFRICA: CECAFA Cup, PlayoffsAFRICA: COSAFA CupAFRICA: COSAFA Cup - WomenAFRICA: COSAFA Cup Women - Play OffsAFRICA: COSAFA Cup, Play OffsAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: 1/2 finalAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: 3rd placeAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: FinalAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: Group AAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: Group BAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: Group CAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: Group DAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: Group StageAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: PlayoffsAFRICAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP: Preliminary RoundALBANIA: Division 1ALBANIA: Division 1, Promotion RoundALBANIA: Division 1, Relegation RoundALBANIA: National cupALBANIA: SupercupALBANIA: SuperligaALBANIA: Superliga - Relegation - Play OffsALGERIA: League cupALGERIA: Ligue 1ALGERIA: Ligue 2ALGERIA: Ligue 2, PromotionALGERIA: National cupALGERIA: SupercupANDORRA: National cupANDORRA: Primera DivisioANDORRA: Primera Divisio, Championship GroupANDORRA: Primera Divisio, RelegationANDORRA: Primera Divisio, Relegation GroupANDORRA: SupercupANGOLA: GirabolaANGOLA: SupercupARGENTINA: Copa de la SuperligaARGENTINA: Copa Sudamericana PlayoffARGENTINA: Liga Profesional, Round 2ARGENTINA: National cupARGENTINA: PlayoffARGENTINA: Primera A Women - ClausuraARGENTINA: Primera A, Playoffs - WomenARGENTINA: Primera B Metropolitana, Promotion PlayoffsARGENTINA: Primera B Metropolitana, Relegation roundARGENTINA: Primera B Nacional, Promotion PlayOffsARGENTINA: Primera B, AperturaARGENTINA: Primera B, ClausuraARGENTINA: Primera C Metropolitana, Qualification Play OffsARGENTINA: Primera C Metropolitana, Qualifying FinalsARGENTINA: Primera C, AperturaARGENTINA: Primera C, ClausuraARGENTINA: Primera C, Promotion roundARGENTINA: Primera C, Relegation roundARGENTINA: Primera D Metropolitana, Promotion roundARGENTINA: Primera D Metropolitana, Qualification Play OffsARGENTINA: Primera D Metropolitana, Qualifying FinalsARGENTINA: Primera D Metropolitana, Relegation roundARGENTINA: Primera D, AperturaARGENTINA: Primera D, ClausuraARGENTINA: Primera Division, Torneo FinalARGENTINA: Primera NacionalARGENTINA: Primera Nacional, Promotion roundARGENTINA: Primera Nacional, Qualifying playoffsARGENTINA: Primera Nacional, Relegation roundARGENTINA: SupercupARGENTINA: SuperligaARGENTINA: Superliga - Play OffsARGENTINA: Superliga, Championship roundARGENTINA: Superliga, Relegation roundARGENTINA: Torneo de VeranoARGENTINA: Torneo Federal - Qualification, Play OffsARGENTINA: Torneo Federal AARGENTINA: Torneo Federal A, Promotion roundARGENTINA: Torneo Federal A, Relegation roundARGENTINA: Torneo Federal, Qualifying FinalsARGENTINA: Torneo InicialARGENTINA: Torneo TransicionARGENTINA: Trofeo de CampeonesARMENIA: First divisionARMENIA: National cupARMENIA: Premier LeagueARMENIA: Premier League, Championship roundARMENIA: Premier League, Relegation roundARMENIA: SupercupARUBA: Division di HonorASIA: AFC U-16 Championship, Group Stage - WomenASIA: AFC U-16 Championship, Playoffs - WomenASIA: AFC U-16 Championship, QualificationASIA: AFC U-19 Championship, Group Stage - WomenASIA: AFC U-19 Championship, Playoffs - WomenASIA: AFC U-19 Championship, QualificationASIA: AFC U-23 Championship, PlayoffsASIA: AFC U-23 Championship: Group StageASIA: AFF Championship U-19, Group StageASIA: AFF Championship U-19, PlayoffsASIA: AFF Championship, Group Stage - WomenASIA: AFF Championship, Playoffs - WomenASIA: AFF U-16 Championship, Group StageASIA: AFF U-16 Championship, PlayoffsASIA: Bangabandhu Gold Cup, Group StageASIA: Bangabandhu Gold Cup, PlayoffsASIA: EAFF EAST ASIAN CUPASIA: Gulf Clubs ChampionshipASIA: Gulf cup, 3rd place matchASIA: Gulf cup, FINALASIA: Gulf Cup, Group BASIA: Gulf Cup, Group stageASIA: Gulf Cup, SemifinalASIA: Olympic Games Qualification - WomenASIA: Olympic Games Qualification, Playoffs - WomenASIA: SAFF ChampionshipASIA: SAFF U-19 ChampionshipASIA: SAFF U-19 Championship, PlayoffsASIA: Southeast Asian Games, Group StageASIA: Southeast Asian Games, PlayoffASIA: WAFF Championship, FinalASIA: WAFF Championship, Group BASIA: WAFF Championship, Group CASIA: WAFF Championship, Group StageASIA: WAFF Championship, PlayoffsASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: 1/2 finalsASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: 1/4 finalsASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: 1/8 finalASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: FinalASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group BASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group CASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group DASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group EASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group FASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group GASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group HASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Group StageASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Qualifying RoundASIAN CUP: 3rd place matchASIAN CUP: FinalASIAN CUP: Group AASIAN CUP: Group BASIAN CUP: Group CASIAN CUP: Group DASIAN CUP: Group EASIAN CUP: Group FASIAN CUP: PlayoffsASIAN CUP: Qualification round, Group BASIAN CUP: Qualification round, Group CASIAN CUP: Qualification round, Group DASIAN CUP: Qualification round, Group EASIAN CUP: Qualification round, Group StageASIAN CUP: Qualifying round, Stage 1 - WomenASIAN CUP: Qualifying, playoffsASIAN CUP: SemifinalASIAN GAMES: Group StageASIAN GAMES: PlayoffsAUSTRALIA: A-LeagueAUSTRALIA: A-League, Final RoundsAUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier LeagueAUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League, Championship GroupAUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League, PlayoffAUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League, Relegation GroupAUSTRALIA: FFA CupAUSTRALIA: National Premier Leagues, Final StagesAUSTRALIA: National Youth LeagueAUSTRALIA: National Youth League, Final RoundsAUSTRALIA: NPL Capital TerritoryAUSTRALIA: NPL Capital Territory, Championship groupAUSTRALIA: NPL Capital Territory, Relegation groupAUSTRALIA: NPL New South WalesAUSTRALIA: NPL New South Wales, PlayoffsAUSTRALIA: NPL Northern NSWAUSTRALIA: NPL Northern NSW, PlayoffsAUSTRALIA: NPL QueenslandAUSTRALIA: NPL South Australian - Play OffsAUSTRALIA: NPL TasmaniaAUSTRALIA: NPL VictoriaAUSTRALIA: NPL Western AustraliaAUSTRALIA: NPL Western Australia - Play OffsAUSTRALIA: NPL Western Australia, Relegation roundAUSTRALIA: NPL Youth League, QueenslandAUSTRALIA: NPL Youth League, VictoriaAUSTRALIA: NPL Youth League, Western AustraliaAUSTRALIA: Queensland Premier LeagueAUSTRALIA: Queensland Premier League, PlayoffsAUSTRALIA: W-League - WomenAUSTRALIA: W-League, Final Rounds - WomenAUSTRALIA: Y-LeagueAUSTRIA: 2. LigaAUSTRIA: BundesligaAUSTRIA: Bundesliga - WomenAUSTRIA: Bundesliga, Championship RoundAUSTRIA: Bundesliga, Relegation RoundAUSTRIA: National cupAUSTRIA: Regionalliga, MitteAUSTRIA: Regionalliga, OstAUSTRIA: Regionalliga, SalzburgAUSTRIA: Regionalliga, TirolAUSTRIA: Regionalliga, VoralbergAUSTRIA: Regionalliga, Voralberg EliteligaAUSTRIA: Regionalliga, WestAUSTRIA: Tipico Bundesliga - Conference League - Play OffsAUSTRIA: Tipico Bundesliga - RelegationAZERBAIJAN: First DivisionAZERBAIJAN: National CupAZERBAIJAN: Premier League