Free API for Football (Soccer) Videos!

We decided to make all our video data accessible to everyone! You can now access the embed codes of all the goals and highlights from a number of football leagues and tournaments including the Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and many more in a free JSON feed.


You can retrieve the highlights and goals of the latest football matches in JSON format from the following endpoint:


The response is a simple array of objects that has the following format:[{"title": "Chelsea - Manchester United","embed": "...","url": "...","thumbnail": "...","date": "2019-05-18T15:00:00+0000","side1": {"name": "Chelsea","url": "..."},"side2": {"name": "Manchester United","url": "..."},"competition": {"name": "ENGLAND: Premier League","id": 15,"url": "..."},"videos": [{"title": "Highlights","embed": "...",},{"title": "Alternative Highlights","embed": "...",},{"title": "1-1 Marcus Rashford 77'","embed": "...",},{"title": "1-0 Eden Hazard 46'","embed": "...",}]},...]embed - This is where you'll find the embed code for the match player which can play all the videos of that match.

videos - You can also embed each video separately: the "videos" key contains a list of all the videos of the match.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or suggestion.


Please note that we are not hosting any video content: all videos are hosted on websites like youtube, facebook, streamable: we are only embedding them.
If you think that a video infriges your copyright please contact the service that hosts it.

Video Widget

You can embed our free video widget and display all the goals and highlights updated in real time without writing any code: just copy the embed code to your website and you are ready to go!