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UEFA Euro 2024 Widget

Get ready to elevate the excitement of UEFA Euro 2024 on your website or mobile app with our specially designed widget. Now, you can effortlessly showcase live scores of all Euro 2024 matches for free.

UEFA Euro 2024 Widget

UEFA Euro 2024 is a premier football tournament that captures the hearts of fans across Europe and around the world. Ensure your website or app is at the forefront of the action by featuring our widget, presenting live scores of all Euro 2024 matches with a visually appealing design. Users can click on each match to access additional details such as line-ups, statistics, live standings, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Updates - Witness the thrill as scores are updated live in real-time.
  • Customizable Colors - Match the widget seamlessly with your website by choosing a background color. Our algorithm will synchronize everything else to complement the chosen background.
  • Responsive Design - The widget seamlessly adjusts to the width of its container, providing an optimal viewing experience on both web and mobile.
  • Notifications - Allow users to subscribe to push notifications for instant match updates.
  • Live Standings - Keep your users informed with group tables updated in real-time.
  • Swift Performance - Blazing fast updates ensure your users stay in the loop without having to refresh the page.
  • Free to Use - Enjoy the widget for free (with optional ads in the free version).

Installing the widget is a breeze – simply copy the provided embed code into your website's HTML. You can also effortlessly display the widget through a web view in your mobile app.

Keep the passion for football alive on your platform with our UEFA Euro 2024 Widget – the ultimate tool for delivering real-time excitement to your users!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to remove the ads and ScoreBat logo from the widget?
To remove the ads and ScoreBat logo from the widget, you'll need to subscribe to one of our paid developer plans—Hobby, Startup, or Professional.
What distinguishes the free plan from the paid plans?
Under the free plan, you can utilize the widget at no cost, though it will display the ScoreBat logo and occasional ads. Additionally, the widget will only be available in default colors. Opting for a paid plan ensures that your users won't encounter ScoreBat logos or ads, and you have the flexibility to customize the background color to complement your website.
What happens if I exceed my monthly request limit on a paid plan?
If you exceed your monthly request limit you will be switched to the free version until the next billing period (ads will show up on the widget, the colors will switch to default).