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Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs
What are the benefits of ScoreBat Premium?
You will no longer see any ads on ScoreBat when you sign up for ScoreBat Premium.
Will I have access to more content with Premium?
No. You will have access to the same content and same features with and without premium account. With ScoreBat Premium subscription you will no longer see any ads on ScoreBat.
How can I cancel my Premium subscription?
You can cancel or pause your subscription any time you want from your account page.
I already have an account. How do I sign in?
Enter your email in the form above and we will send a sign in link to your email.
I haven't received the sign in email. What should I do?
If you can't find the sign-in email in your inbox please check the spam folder as well. Email us at if you can't find the sign-in email there either.
Can I use my premium account on multiple devices?
Yes, you can sign in with your premium account on as many devices as you like.
How much does ScoreBat Premium cost?
ScoreBat Premium costs $2.99/month.
Will ScoreBat Premium remove the ads from the widgets embedded in my website/app?
No. You need to sign up to one of our developer plans if you want to remove the ads from the widgets.
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Please note that ScoreBat Premium does not give you access to more content - it only removes the ads from the website.